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Splunk Search return no output on GUI and the 'Loading...' status icon is continue to display on screen


Inside the customer network, Splunk 4.2 has been installed and deployed since early 2011. Recently, when the GUI search query is performed over SplunkWeb GUI interface, no returned output is found on screen (only the icon 'Loading...' is continuous to displayed forever. With examine the log files in var directory, no error or issue log to be encountered. Also, with using fsck command parameter, the indexing seem to be worked normally with no error detected. Based on these finding, I do support the issue to related to SplunkWeb rather than Splunkd. Can anyone address and provide recommedation on resolve this issue ?

HC Wong


What's happening is that something is causing a Javascript error when the page loads.

It may have a different cause in your case, but for what it's worth I've seen this happen a couple times recently where there are one or more modules from the Sideview Utils app in the page, but the special "SideviewUtils" module itself is not being included in the view. This can happen when people forget that the "Search", or "PostProcess", or "HTML" modules are not a part of the core Splunk UI, but are rather modules added by Sideview Utils. Again, this is a bit of a guess and I'm only suggesting it because recently that has been the cause of all of the "Loading..." hangs that I've heard about.

In any event, you can see the error by looking at the browser's error console. For example in firefox select "Tools", "Error Console". That will give some clue and if it's not clear even then you can post that error back into your question.


Mate....Thank you!!!

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so what is the solution for this??

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