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Splunk Drilldown for a specific column in a table?

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I want to open a search with the case number user clicked the attached table sample. Currently, my search is getting the ANI information dynamically from the form, but I want the drill-down to get ANI as well as the clicked CASE_NUMBER.

Referringalt text to the below given example, in the panel named: Caller Actions by Unique Cases and DNISs" , I want that if I click on CASENUMBER 46770533, the search should take search parameters like "CASENUMBER=46770533" AND "ANI=1234567890" (The one entered in the form above).

Thanks in Advance.

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you need to create two tokens, one fore ANI and one for CASE_NUMBER

something like

<set token="case_num">$row.CASE_NUMBER$</set>
<set token="ani">$row.ANI$</set>

and then edit the search drilldown to use those two tokens.

something like

  <link target="_blank">search?q=<search in url encoded nonsense>&amp;CASE_NUMBER=$case_num$&amp;ANI=$ani$</link>
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