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Setting a queue for dashboards when maximum of concurrent historical searches has been reached


I have a dashboard with several different base searches that is transformative searches. However I get the error of maximum amount of concurrent historical searches. 

Unfortunately we can't upgrade the cpu count or change the role. I was thinking is there a way of making it so that there is a queue set for them so for example when the first 3 are finished the next 3 searches starts. Or set the order of when the searches start and finish?

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Have each search contain a token that is set by the previous search.  The token could be a result or it can be defined in a <done> element.

  <query>index=_internal </query>
    <set token="start_search2"></set>
  <query>index=foo $start_search2$</query>
    <set token="start_search3"></set>


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