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Searches showing 0 results when using specific text with slashes /'s and -'s in a field?


I have a search

index=foobar flashSteamName=foo/bar-moves/12adw320-df21-dasd-124d-12eda234 \

displays 0 results. 

index=foobar flashSteamName=* 

displays results

Now Selected Fields on the left side shows my "flashSteamName".  When I click on it, it shows my values and has a count of 20.  When I click it there it opens a new search and 0 results.  

Also when I have the fields list in table format and I see my field "flashSteamName" and I click the value it shows I have 20 events. When I click it and it opens a search it has 0 results.

Not sure what I can to fix/change or what can be done to be able to click the event data and display the results that states are available.  

Also, I do not have a problem with searches that do not have / or - in the field. 

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That trailing / is catching you.  It's making a delimiter of the next character, instead of being a literal \

Try this:  flashSteamName = "foo/bar-moves/12adw320-df21-dasd-124d-12eda234 \\"

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Have you tried using quotation marks?


index=foobar flashSteamName="foo/bar-moves/12adw320-df21-dasd-124d-12eda234"


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