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Retention period need to set for DB connect app data


Hi Team

I have 3 queries in DB Connect App

1) Runs once and pull 13 months of data, 2) second also runs once and pull 13 months of data 3) runs from 1st to 7th of every month and freeze for remaining days. As per infra team they can retain data for only 1 month in Dev env and 3 months in Prod env

but my req is to maintain 13 months of data for all queries and it should purged data of 1st month when 14 month is started

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You can set frozenTimePeriodInSecs in indexes.conf for index which is collecting db connect data.


Hi Gaurav,

I have 3 queries which is in same Index with 3 different sourcetype. Am aware abut frozenTimePeriodInSecs, challenges is we cant allow to maintain 13 months of data in infra as per company policy.So there any other way to maintain it. Does summary Indexing will work here.Thanks

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