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Restrict searches for a role using search terms is not working

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Hi All.

I have a local instance on my laptop for demo purposes, so no complex deployment on this machine.

I have created an eventype="event1" wich should be used on search filtering terms for a role in order to restrict searches.

I then create a role named "role1":

1. Inheritance: none

2. Capabilities:  run_collect, run_mcollect, schedule_rtsearch, search 

3. Indexes: main

4. Restrictions: (index::main) AND (sourcetype::source) AND (eventtype::event) - If tested, this spl correctly returns the results I want the role to be able to search on

5. Resources: Nothing changed


I then save the role and assign it to the demo user. I also restarted splunk as docs says.

When I login with demo user, I can see all the events and is not filtering by the restrictions of its role.

Any clue on this?


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I have same problem with Splunk 7.0.

Let's assume there's a role "my_role". In my case that role had inherited role "power" and that was the problem. After switching from "power" to "user", the restriction worked.

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Yes, that would do. In my case i didn't inherited any role but it all has to do with license permission. 

Search restriction works fine.

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