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Replacing join command to integrate data from two different sources with lookups

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Hello people,

I am new in Splunk. So far I have been using join commands to integrate data from two different sources in a common field. The problem with this is that the searches take too long. apparently through lookups this should work faster. Would anybody be so kind to explain me exactly how I should do this ? it would be a massive thankyou from me.


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Show us the search. How can we help otherwise?

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Can you provide some examples of the different queries that you need to join? Instead of doing things with join or lookups, you could use stats command on the field you were using to join. Lookups are fast, but require maintenance and can take up large amounts of disk space on your search head if you have an extremely large data set you are working with. Here's an extremely high level concept of using stats to combine data from different sources:

(search string 1) OR (string string 2)
| eval joiner=if(criteria unique to search string 1, field from search string 1 that you join on, field from search string 2 that you join on)
| stats values("Field from Search string 1") as "Field from Search string 1" values("Field from Search string 2") as "Field from Search string 2" by joiner
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First of all thank you so much for your answer Dustin. Tomorrow I will have the access to the code and will post it. than you so much

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If you have a common field in 2 different sources you may be able to crate an Alias for the fields.

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