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Rename results doesn't work

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I have a feeling I'm missing something simple here. This is my search:

sourcetype="ContributionWebApi"  DbQuery=* | chart count by DbQuery 

And this are my results:


EXEC [usp_GetClientListHierarchyNode] --------------------------------------3

EXEC [usp_GetClientListHierarchyTopLevel]-----------------------------------68

EXEC [zambezi.usp_GetDealsByClient]-----------------------------------------77

SELECT DISTINCT(UserTeamId) FROM SmartWarehouse.dbo.SR_UserTeam-------------68

I want to rename the DbQuery results to something more meaningful. I.e. for the first row, I'd rather it says "EXEC GetClientListHierarchy"

Is it possible to do this in the initial search? (i.e. using "rename"?) If not, where and how can I do this.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Rename results doesn't work

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You can use eval case(), but you would need to list each one in the case statement, and you can’t use wildcards directly. It would look something like this:

sourcetype="ContributionWebApi" DbQuery=* | eval DbQuerydesc=case(DbQuery=“EXEC [uspGetClientListHierarchyNode]”,"EXEC GetClientListHierarchy",DbQuery=” EXEC [uspGetClientListHierarchyTopLevel]”,“EXEC uspGetClientListHierarchyTopLevel”,DbQuery=”EXEC [zambezi.uspGetDealsByClient]”,DbQuery=“EXEC [zambezi.uspGetDealsByClient]”,”EXEC zambezi.uspGetDealsByClient”,DbQuery=”SELECT DISTINCT(UserTeamId) FROM SmartWarehouse.dbo.SRUserTeam”,”SELECT DISTINCT UserTeamId FROM SmartWarehouse.dbo.SRUserTeam”) | chart count by DbQuerydesc

You may also be able to use a lookup. You would still need to list all of the possible results with your desired wording, but they would be in a csv file not in the search.


Re: Rename results doesn't work


Rename is for field names and you want to update field values, so that is not applicable for your case. You can use eval-replace if you know what are the possible strings you want to remove. Your example (changing "EXEC [usp_GetClientListHierarchyNode]" to "EXEC GetClientListHierarchy") can be achieve by following:-

sourcetype="ContributionWebApi" DbQuery=* | eval DbQuery=replace(DbQuery,"\[","") | eval DbQuery=replace(DbQuery,"\]","")| chart count by DbQuery

forward slash is escape character for brackets.

you can add more eval-replace part for all your customizations.