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Receiving internal log errors


I am getting these errors in my internal logs:

ERROR SearchOperator:kv - Cannot compile RE \"(?:\s*'[^']*'|\s*"[^"]*"|\s*[^,]*)\s*(?[^,']*'[^']*'|[^,"]*"[^"]*"|[^,]*)\s*(?[^,']*'[^']*'|[^,"]*"[^"]*"|[^,]*),\s*(?[^,']*'[^']*'|[^,"]*"[^"]*"|[^,]*),\s*(?[^,']*'[^']*'|[^,"]*"[^"]*"|[^,]*)\" for transform 'field_extraction_for_scm_system': Regex: two named subpatterns have the same name (PCRE2_DUPNAMES not set).

Couldn't figure out how to fix it.

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You have two or more constructs of the form (?<foo>bar) with the same name ("foo" in this example). Fix that and the error will go away.
If you edit your question to fix the regular expression (the system mangles code not inside backtics) then we can be more specific.

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