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Received error warning "Failed to parse timestamp. Defaulting to timestamp of previous event". How can I find which event in the source log threw this error?

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i am trying to debug an issue "failed to parse timestamp". In the splunkd log, i see the following warning :-

02-23-2016 13:55:38.721 -0500 WARN DateParserVerbose - Failed to parse timestamp. Defaulting to timestamp of previous event (Thu Feb 23 13:55:38 2016). Context: source::xxxxx.log|host:yyyyy|xyz_log|1123

since this warning is from splunkd.log, the timestamp it showing is indexer time. but i want to know what is the event in the source log when the splunkd is throwing this error, so that i can better the understand reason.

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Like this:

index=* _indextime=<Convert '02-23-2016 13:55:38.721 -0500' to epoch manually> _time=<Convert 'Thu Feb 23 13:55:38 2016' to epoch manually> source=xxxxx.log host=yyyyy
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Start by looking at the _raw for all events where _time = Thu Feb 23 13:55:38 2016
with the given source and host. There shouldn't be more than a couple.

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