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Print the strings on Splunk web UI simultaneously while python file running in background

I have a python file, whose output I am trying to show on splunk web interface. I have written some print statements in python file. When I run the solution, all the print statements are shown on screen in one go. I want the print statements to load on screen simultaneously one after another.
Please help me with this.

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You'll need to provide some additional details if you want a better answer.

Are you expecting the output to show up on the console where splunkweb is launched? What's your script doing exactly? Running custom scripts from CherryPy should probably be pretty limited; I image it would be pretty easy to consume a bunch of threads and cause the whole UI to hang (or at least slow down significantly.)

So as an alternate approach, why not just send your output to a log file, preferably one that Splunk can read? Then use Splunk's real-time search capability to show the contents of the log concurrently with whatever else you want to see at the same time.

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