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I am using the Splunk Web Framework TableView Component on a custom dashboard. I have enabled the "wrap" property on the component on my page. In Firefox, this gives me the intended behavior at standard zoom. Text-Wrapping occurs vertically so that my TableView results fit horizontally on the page without any need for a horizontal scrollbar.

However, the default zoom level in Chrome does not share this behavior. Splunk does wrap some of the text but not sufficiently to fit everything to the width of the page. As a result, the table results get a horizontal scrollbar. I see similar behavior in Firefox if I increase the zoom level above 100%. If I scale down to 90% in Chrome, I get the expected behavior.

Because the scrollbar appears at the bottom of the control, which is often off the page, it may not always be clear to the user that there is more data overflowing horizontally they are not seeing because of the overflow behavior. Is there any way to ensure that the TableView component will wrap text vertically so the results will fit the width of the page without any need for a horizontal scrollbar?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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