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i plot a graph in the dashboard, the x axis is series from 1 to 2001
i want to replace 1-2001 to 500-3000 (yes, the step is >1 because the array is 2000 steps)
the 500-3000 is only for the presentation in the dashboard if its help.

please see the picture and the code

| streamstats values(_raw) as value  
| makemv value  
| mvexpand value  
| search  value<0
| rename _time AS series   | fields - _time 
| streamstats count AS series 
| eval series=printf("%05d",series) 
| eval series1=case(
     series>=0 AND series<130,"Anomaly",
     series>=131 AND series<250,"Cell_3G",
     series>=250 AND series<999,"Anomaly",
     series>=1000 AND series<1100,"Cell_4G",
     series>=1101 AND series<1499,"Anomaly",
     series>=1550 AND series<1650,"WIFI",
     series>=1651 AND series<2001,"Anomaly") 
| xyseries series series1 value| head 2001
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