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Outlier detection

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I have a data set consisting of a csv-file with three columns with numerical data.

I have performed my own implementation that clusters the data set with K-means and then calculates outliers based on euclidean distance between data points and the cluster centroids. 

I wan't to perform the same kind of operation in Splunk but have not been successfull so far. 

I have tried local outlier factor, with the following query in search: 

source="dataset.csv" | fit LocalOutlierFactor 0,1,2 | search isOutlier="1.0"

However, the result from this search is very poor since very few outliers are detected. The data set is labeled making it easy to see correctly classified outliers. 

I have also tried with "Detect numeric outliers" from the machine learning toolkit but there, I can only chose one field to analyze and I have three fields. 


Is there an optimal solution to the problem of finding outliers in this type of dataset? 


Thanks in advance!

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