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I'm trying to get a monthly event count for all indexed data on a splunk server. I've searched on how to do it, but I've had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Splunk Employee

The timechart command that Ziegfried gave you will give you the best performance. Make sure you run this in the "Advanced Charting" view with the "Enable Preview" checkbox un-checked.

Really though, the best way to do this will only work going forward.

Create a saved search that runs at the end of each month and summarizes the following result:

| eventcount summarize=false | stats sum(count) as count

Give it a marker like "monthly_event_count". You can then use several techniques such as the 'delta', 'eval', 'timechart', or 'stats' command to create a monthly event count. Here is an example using delta:

index=summary marker="monthly_event_count" earliest=-3m@m | delta count as count


Thanks all! I appreciate the input and the prompt feedback. I will follow your advise.

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* | timechart span=1mon count


* | stats count by date_month, date_year


Thanks ziegfried,

That works; however the query take forever to run. I was hoping that info is also stored somewhere in the metrics logs, hence quicker to query.

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