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Metadata Command Alerting


Here's my command:

| metadata type=hosts index= | sort lastTime | convert ctime(lastTime) as LatestTime | sort -lastTime | table host,LatestTime

Now, I know that this might not be the most efficient command in the world, but I'm sort of a n00b. What I am now attempting to do from this is take resulting hosts who's "Latest_Time" > 24 hrs and alert on those hosts.

If you're wondering why I sorted twice, for some reason the way I built the command, it wasn't sorting properly, when I sorted again, it worked. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Alert whenever this yields something:

| metadata type=hosts index=main | where relative_time(now(), "-1d") > lastTime | convert ctime(lastTime) as Latest_Time | sort -lastTime | table host,Latest_Time