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Maximum # of bins in a timechart

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When running a timechart over the last 7 days, using span=10m, the timechart will only display roughly the first 3.5 days worth of data (~500 bins). If the span is increased to 20m, almost the entire 7 days worth of data is displayed.

FWIW, the "bins" argument for the timechart command has a default limit of 100. Either I'm confused about the purpose of the bins argument, or the default limit of 100 is not accurate.

What determines the limit to how many databin/datapoints can be rendered in a timechart?

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Re: Maximum # of bins in a timechart


There is a limit to the number of pixels that can be displayed! Here is a similar question (although asked in a different way) that may help explain.

Forcing Report to Chart Last Month of Data

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