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Match timestamp when it is between timestamp from lookup

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Hi all,
I want to merge the following sets based on their timestamp.

index=bus sourcetype=bus | table timestamp type x-pos y-pos

The results of this query looks like this:

                   timestamp     type     x-pos   y-pos
2019-06-17T11:08:42.887+0200    BUS-4        1      1
2019-06-17T11:08:31.878+0200    BUS-4        2      2
2019-06-17T11:08:20.871+0200    BUS-4        3      3
2019-06-17T11:08:09.895+0200    BUS-4        4      4
2019-06-17T11:07:56.903+0200    BUS-4        5      5

The .csv with which it should be merged looks like this:

2019-06-17T09:42:41 2019-06-17T12:12:31     OK
2019-06-17T09:17:47 2019-06-17T09:42:41  ERROR
2019-06-17T08:02:14 2019-06-17T09:17:47     OK

The STATUS of the .csv should be attached when the timestamp of the resultset is between the START_PERIOD and END_PERIOD.
So myy expected results look like this:

                   timestamp      bus   x-pos   y-pos   STATUS
2019-06-17T11:08:42.887+0200    BUS-4       1       1       OK
2019-06-17T11:08:31.878+0200    BUS-4       2       2       OK
2019-06-17T11:08:20.871+0200    BUS-4       3       3       OK
2019-06-17T11:08:09.895+0200    BUS-4       4       4       OK
2019-06-17T11:07:56.903+0200    BUS-4       5       5       OK

I hope you can help me with this query.

Thanks in advance.

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