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Lookup in a lookup table with multivalue fields

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I have a lookup table that looks like below:

dns ip
server1 ip1,ip2,ip3
server2 ip4,ip5,ip6
server3 ip7
server4 ip8,ip9,ip10,ip11

So I have a Splunk search that generates a table with IP addresses and I want to automatically populate the relevant dns names

I use the following but it does not work:
| lookup lookup.csv "ip" AS IpAddress OUTPUT "dns" AS server_name

Any idea how to solve it?


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Lookup tables expect to find the exact string in the given column. They do not do substring matching nor to they support multi-value. IOW, it will not find 'ip2' because the column contains the single value 'ip1,ip2,ip3'.
You will need to restructure the lookup table to have a single IP address in each row.

dns ip
server1 ip1
server1 ip2
server1 ip3
server2 ip4
server2 ip5
server2 ip6
server3 ip7
server4 ip8
server4 ip9
server4 ip10
server4 ip11
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