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Join 2 indexes


I have 2 indexes that I am joining and I am getting different results based on whether I start the search with one index vs the other. The join is a one to many relationship

- filemeta (1)
- fileacl (*)

Query 1 - 1 Result
index="filemeta" Path="\\server\testshare" | join "Path" [ search index="fileacl" ]
Query 2 - 6 results
index="fileacl" Path="\\server\testshare" | join "Path" [ search index="filemeta" ]

Am I missing something on Query 1 in order to see all the results from the fileacl index?

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As you've discovered, the order of a join is significant. The type of join also makes a difference. The default type is inner which means the results do not include events from the main (1st) search that have no matches in the subsearch (2nd). Events that match on both sides are always included.

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Thanks for your reply. I do understand inner joins. What I am not clear is why it only included 1 event when there are many events for that path

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