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Is there a way to display a different name in a drop-down list, but use the original string value in the search using the chart replace function?

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I have a drop-down and Chart/List. The chart should show the event on the item selected from list.

Is there a way display the ProcessContextProjectName in the drop-down list removing Java, but while searching, it should use original string?
The replace function is working `replace "Java" with "" IN ProcessContext
ProjectName`, but while doing the search below on another chart from token_projectname2 , it should pick up from the original string including Java.
Right now, the chart is always giving a blank result if I do a filter by Replace.

<input type="dropdown" token="token_projectname2" searchWhenChanged="true">
        <query>index=u2 sourcetype=jms_body_header_txt     | dedup   ProcessContext_ProjectName | table ProcessContext_ProjectName</query>
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hi sreelesh_n,

try to write like this: replace "Java *" WITH "*" IN ProcessContext_ProjectName

if that does not work, please me you post your entire code and then I can look at the problem.

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The dropdown takes two parameters Name field and Value field. You could add a field for the name like | eval namefield=replace(ProcessContextProjectName, "Java", "") and then in the dropdown, use the namefield for the fieldForLabel and set value field as ProcessContextProjectName.

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