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Is there a way to control elipsis in Pie chart labels?

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I'm trying to control elipsis behavior in pie chart lables - I need to either control the length of the label or at least make sure that text overflow is set to elipsisEnd.
I've tried setting

<param name="charting.legend.labelStyle.maximumWidth">500</param>
<param name="charting.legend.labelStyle.wordWrap">True</param>
<param name="charting.legend.labelStyle.overflowMode">ellipsisEnd</param>

but Splunk seems to ignore those params.


alt text

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Re: Is there a way to control elipsis in Pie chart labels?



The labels on a pie chart aren't the legend - they're properties of the chart itself

Notice the labelStyle property is a textBlock

The overflowMode property of a textBlock is supported in JSChart - but for legend items only.

So you need to use FlashChart and not JSChart for this to work.

<param name="charting.chart.labelStyle.maximumWidth">30</param>
<param name="charting.chart.labelStyle.wordWrap">True</param>
<param name="charting.chart.labelStyle.overflowMode">ellipsisEnd</param>
<module name="FlashChart"/>

alt text

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