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Is it possible to use where command in Data Model?

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I have datamodel and I want to create a child datamodel based on a field comparison. In a normal search I would use a where command but in the constraints I only can use a search command. My question is there a way to do it without an eval expression in a field?

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How about you create a calculated field under Settings/Fields? Something like:

Name: match
Eval expression: if(field1==field2,"yes","no")

Then you can create your child datamodel based on the constraint:



@Yunagi - This is a correct way to go about this, although it does not meet OP's requirement of not having an eval in a field.

@wilhelmf - Not sure what your reason for not wanting the eval field. If you are just worrying about complicating the data model from a user's point of view, then you can hide the calculated field.

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