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Is it possible to use lookup to fill the "email subject" and "email address"?

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I've to send an email with only three fields (Time,path,server) in the email body and I want to use lookup to fill the "email subject" and "email address" from the lookup. How can I do that in Splunk?
the lookup looks like:
1J55.detection.asposeLicense.mail.to, XXX@YYY.com
1J55.detection.asposeLicense.mail.subject, Error on XXXX.

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You will have to re-phrase your question in order to more clearly indicate what you're trying to accomplish. What information are you ingesting in Splunk? How is your lookup being created? Where does the data come from? What is the field that ties the search results to data in the lookup?

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Do you have any code that you attempted to use?

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