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Is eventstats a "Distributable" command ?


Hi All,

I am trying to improve my run time for a large search and i need some help to identify whether eventstats is a Distributable command. From the documentation i know streamstats is Centralized streaming. link:SearchReference/Commandsbytype
What i am trying to achive is not to use those search commands which requires data to be uploaded to Search Heads.

Thanks for your help.


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From the doco.

Other commands
There are a handful of commands that do not fit into these categories. These commands are non-transforming, not distributable, and not streaming: sort, eventstats, some modes of dedup, and some modes of cluster.

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The eventstats command has the same distribution limitations/characteristics (or not) as stats does so it should fall into the same category as stats, not streamstats. It is interesting that eventstats does not appear at all on that page.

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Strangely eventstats is not listed but based on its similarity to streamstats, my bet will be on centralized streaming.

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That was my guess too. Thanks for your response. Appreciate that.
Any one else have a different opinion ?

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