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In Splunk how to find the number of words based on the a pipe separator and add a value to it and assign it to a new fil


Hi Have an event like this shown below

Today's Greeting Message=Hello|myname|name|is|Alice|myName|is|bob Good bye for today

The have a field name Message and its value is Hello|myname|name|is|Alice|myName|is|bob

How will I get the count of the words based on separator of a specific field value. And adding some new number to the count received and assign it to a new field value.

example for above log i will get 8 as count based on | separator(separator count+1).  Now i will add 2 to the count(8+2) and the value to be updated to a new splunk field.

This will help in calculating if any event that is crossing the threshold of that value then i can trigger an alert.

Some one please help me in getting this.

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You can count the words by using mvcount on the split field as below

| makeresults
| eval Message="Hello|myname|name|is|Alice|myName|is|bob"
| eval wordCount=mvcount(split(Message,"|"))

then you can do whatever you like to the wordCount, so in your example just add the two as part of the eval statement

| makeresults
| eval Message="Hello|myname|name|is|Alice|myName|is|bob"
| eval wordCount=mvcount(split(Message,"|"))+2

  Hope this helps

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