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I keep getting an error when trying to run a search. Not sure if this causes Splunk to timeout or if it is my syntax in my html file.


The error I receive with this search causes me this error.
Error in 'dbxquery' command: External search command exited unexpectedly with non-zero error code 1.

I'm trying to get specific data for my dashboard. My dashboard is built in html and I was wondering if it has to do with my search timing out.

    var search1 = new SearchManager({
            "id": "search1",
            "sample_ratio": null,
            "status_buckets": 0,
            "earliest_time": "-1h@h",
//            "earliest_time": "rt-3h",
            "search": "index=\"TEM_dashboard_main\" |eval displayValue=case(TestResult_Value == \"PASSED\", \"low\", TestResult_Value == \"FAILED\", \"severe\") \
            |dedup Application_Name, TestCase_Value, SwimLane_Value, TestResult_Value |sort Application_Name, TestCase_Value \
|append [|dbxquery query=\"SELECT distinct a.Application_Name, t.TestCase_Value FROM TEM_Application a Full Outer Join  Dashboard_TEM_Application d ON  a.Application_Id = d.Application_Id Full Outer Join TEM_TestCase t ON d.TestCase_Id = t.TestCase_Id Full Outer Join [AZLIFEM\azl6n2j].[Splunk] s ON t.TestCase_Value = s.TestCase_Value WHERE a.Application_Name <> 'NULL' AND d.Active = 1 \"connection=\"TEM_Database\"] \
|eval QA1 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA1\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA1\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA1\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA2 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA2\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA2\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA2\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA3 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA3\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA3\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA3\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA4 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA4\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA4\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA4\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA5 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA5\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA5\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA5\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA6 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA6\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA6\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA6\",\"NA\") \
|eval QA7 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA7\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA7\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"QA7\",\"NA\") \
|eval STG = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG\",\"NA\")  \
|eval STG2 = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG2\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG2\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"STG2\",\"NA\") \
|eval PVE = case(like(TestResult_Value,\"PASSED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"PVE\",\"low\",like(TestResult_Value,\"FAILED\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"PVE\",\"severe\", like(TestResult_Value,\"NA\") AND SwimLane_Value==\"PVE\",\"NA\") \
|table Application_Name, TestCase_Value, QA1,QA2,QA3,QA4,QA5,QA6,QA7,STG,STG2,PVE |rename TestCase_Value AS \"Test Case\" |rename Application_Name AS \"Application Name\" \
|stats values(QA1) as QA1, values(QA2) as QA2,values(QA3) as QA3,values(QA4) as QA4,values(QA5) as QA5,values(QA6) as QA6,values(QA7) as QA7,values(STG) as STG,values(STG2) as STG2,values(PVE) as PVE by \"Application Name\", \"Test Case\" \
|eval QA1 = if((mvjoin(QA1, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA1, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA1) \
|eval QA2 = if((mvjoin(QA2, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA2, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA2) \
|eval QA4 = if((mvjoin(QA4, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA4, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA4) \
|eval QA5 = if((mvjoin(QA5, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA5, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA5) \
|eval QA6 = if((mvjoin(QA6, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA6, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA6) \
|eval QA7 = if((mvjoin(QA7, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA7, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA7) \
|eval STG = if((mvjoin(STG, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(STG, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", STG) \
|eval STG2 = if((mvjoin(STG2, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(STG2, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", STG2) \
|eval PVE = if((mvjoin(PVE, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(PVE, \",\") == \"severe, low\"), \"elevated\", PVE) \
|eval QA3 = if((mvjoin(QA3, \",\") == \"low,severe\" OR mvjoin(QA3, \",\") == \"severe,low\"), \"elevated\", QA3)",
            "cancelOnUnload": true,
            "latest_time": "now",
//            "latest_time": "rt",
            "app": utils.getCurrentApp(),
            "auto_cancel": 90,
            "preview": true,
            "tokenDependencies": {
            "runWhenTimeIsUndefined": false
        }, {tokens: true, tokenNamespace: "submitted"});
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Hi @bmendez0428,
I got the same problem. Have you found a way to walk through this, pls?
Thu Huong LE

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Have you looked at splunkd.log and the DBX logs?

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.
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