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How to write a search to only list servers that are sending logs to Splunk with two types of error messages?

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I have server message logs sending to Splunk. Eg 1000 servers sending logs at a time. Wanted to find a way to list only the servers which have two types of error appearing in its message files. Both the errors are not in a single line of a message file.


2016-04-26T13:57:25.940706-07:00 host1 mpath disk disconnected 
2016-04-26T13:57:25.940706-07:00 host1 < other general messages >
2016-04-26T13:57:25.940706-07:00 host1 Driver Error 0x1:10

My search should pick all the servers with logs that have BOTH disconnected AND Error 0x1:10 Messages existing. How would I combine these strings for a search? If I do AND search, it shows servers with both entries present in same line.

Thanks in advance.


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Try this

your search here | rex "(?<err>disconnected|0x1:10)" | search err=* | streamstats count as group by host | stats count by host group | where count>1 | table host
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Looks like this is not helping .. any ways of combining two queries together to filter this ?

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