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How to use search a CSV lookup file within an App via Python SDK?


I'm working in Python and trying to use the SDK to search from a program. One of the apps I have installed uses a lookup table (CSV file) to add fields to events, and I'm trying to search on those events (specifically, the CSV file in the app adds 'cost_center=____' to the data, and I'm trying to search for a specific call center).

As I don't know how to do this, my searches right now are returning 0 results. Is there a place I can read up on this, or is the answer easy enough to answer here?

Edit: Would namespace=<app_name> work?

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Namespace= seems to be working, but I'm getting much less results than normal, though (1 million on the website vs. 260 on the API call). I think this is the answer, but I'll wait until a more definitive answer is posted.

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