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How to subtract specific events, key pairs?

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Not sure where I should be going but, I am all for raw data going into fields, enhanced etc...
I am looking at our raw data and there is a field called ID=XXXXXX which is the field I am interested in, there is also another occurrence of ID= XXXXX YYYYY in the event which I am not interested in.
Both are showing up in my searches, NAME=MX001 and the second one ID=MX001 YYYYY.
I have tried Eval substr(ID,1,6) to no avail, any help would be appreciated,
P.S. could this have been taken care of during original extraction??

Thanks Ahead

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Let me try to show examples:


1) id=jim,addr=12 main st,phone=825-585-9865

2) id=tom,addr=45 maple,phone=528-777-9685,id=tom second

I am using a simple table:
table id addr phone

jim 12 main st 825-585-9865
tom 45 maple 528-777-9685
tom second
(the line above is the problem)

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I guess what I am trying to do is a report using the first occurrence of a field within an event.

Some events have multiple fields some don't.

I looked at stats first(xx), but it returned first occurrence of first event only.

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It should be a matter of adding | search ID!="XXXXX *" to your query. If you share the existing query we can be more specific.

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.
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Correction: both fields are ID, both are automatically extracted and exist in one event.

Sorry for type

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Could you clarify a couple of things?
-Both fields are automatically extracted and they both exist in your index?
-One is called NAME and the other one ID?
-You only have use for NAME but not for ID??

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