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How to sort table by total errors in descending order?


I have this search and basically it shows a table with the channel.
Error type, total error, and the sum total of the errors- but I append a sort function at the end to sort by total but it doesn't sort it?

index=appguids host=netweba* ApplicationID=order20 ApplicationSource=*order* errorguid Monster.PaymentProcessor.PaymentFailedException | rex field=Message "(?m)^Message:[^:]+:\s(?<type>.*)$" | stats count BY type,ChannelID | lookup local=1 MonsterChannels ChannelId AS ChannelID | eval Channel=if(isnull(Channel) OR match(Channel,"^0$"),"Unknown ChannelID", Channel) . " [ChannelID: " . ChannelID . "]" | stats values(type) AS "Error Type", list(count) AS "#Errors" BY Channel |

appendpipe [ stats sum("#Errors") AS "#Errors" BY Channel | eval "Error Type"="Total for Channel" ] | stats values(Channel) AS X, list("Error Type") AS "Error Type", list("#Errors") AS "#Errors" BY Channel | fields - X | sort - "Total for Channel"

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sort - "Total for Channel"
sort - "#Errors"

Hi, How about this?

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