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How to set Default Time Range for View in viewstates.conf

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I have Screen 1 for which I have set default time range in viewstates.conf for a user as follows:


TimeRangePicker_0_0_0.default = Last 7 days

When Screen Loads for first time, it shows default time range as Last 7 Days.

then I change the time range to "All Time" and see the graphs.

After this I refresh the application. When I again select this Screen, default is shown "All Time".

I have used isSticky=false in the XML of the Screen.

When I checked viewstates.conf the default automatically changes to "All Time" from "Last 7 Days".

Can anybody help.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried '_current' in viewstates.conf?

## viewstates.conf
<viewstate_id> = '_current' is a reserved name for normal view 'sticky state'
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Thanks for the reply!

Sorry I didnt get what you want to say.I have configured in viewstates.conf as mentioned above.

Please provide more details if possible

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