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How to search for a field value with a wildcard and a variable?

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|table Calendar, Job, Status
|eval dayNow=strftime(now(),"%A")
|search Calendar= ???

My 'Calendar' field value is like 'Monday,Wednesday,Saturday'. So if current day(dayNow variable) is say Wednesday, I should get list of jobs for the day. I am trying to use wildcard with the dayNow variable. Something like Calendar = "%dayNow%".
I am not able to find anything to achieve this so far.

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Try this...

 | table Calendar, Job, Status
 | eval dayNow=strftime(now(),"%A")
 | makemv delim="," Calendar
 | mvexpand Calendar
 | where Calendar=dayNow

What the above does is, use the commas to break the Calendar field up into a multivalue field, then use mvexpand to make each record into one record per day that it is supposed to run. After that, we filter to eliminate any records that do not match today's day.

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