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In my Splunk dashboard I have a table that contains the following:

            ... | search message="$error_message$" | ...

sometimes the error_message is very complex. For example:

WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: Element <div class="CommandBarItem beak-anchor command" data-bind="css: { 'is-toggled': isOpen() || isToggled(), 'is-disabled': isDisabled, 'is-disabled-invisible': isInvisibleWhenDisabled, 'is-open': isOpen, 'is-focused': focused, 'CommandBarItem--hasPayload': $component.hasPayload, 'icon-only': hasIconOnly, 'is-current-view': isCurrentView, 'is-pivot': isCurrentView !== null, 'is-last-pivot': isLastPivot }, class: commandClass() ? 'od-Command--' + commandClass() : '', hasFocus: isActive, raiseEventOnChange: { eventName: 'layoutChange', bubbleEvent: true, data: layoutChanged }, dismiss: { isOpen: isOpen, isAutomatic: payload &amp;&amp; payload.autoDismiss, timeout: payload &amp;&amp; payload.timeout, dismissOnResize: false, dismissOnScroll: false }, with: targetCommand(), attr: { tabindex: tabindex, role: role, 'aria-label': $parent.accessibleLabel, 'aria-haspopup': visibleChildren().length > 0 || !!payload, 'aria-selected': isOpen(), 'aria-pressed': isToggled(), 'data-automationid': automationId, 'aria-expanded': visibleChildren().length > 0 ? isOpen().toString() : false, id: newFeatureExperienceAnchor }, teachingBubble: teachingBubble, tooltip: { content: $data.tooltip, isTooltipDisabled: isOpen }" tabindex="-1" role="menuitem" aria-label="Download" data-automationid="">...</div> is not clickable at point (415, 20). Other element would receive the click: <div class="ms-ModalOverlay"></div> (Session info: chrome=65.0.3325.181) (Driver info: chromedriver=2.37.543627 (63642262d9fb93fb4ab52398be4286d844092a5e),platform=Windows NT 10.0.15063 x86_64)

In such cases Splunk says there is an error or the search doesn't yield anything, because there are many characters (like quotation marks and the "|" sign) that interfere with the query.

Ho do I overcome that problem? How do I tell Splunk to treat the error_message as a simple string and not part of the query?


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@vshankur, would it be possible for you to apply following replacement of special characters before you set token $error_message$ and then before you try to apply the search filter using the same token?

| eval message=replace(replace(replace(message,"\|",""),"\&lt;",""),"&gt;","")
| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Using ... | search message="$error_message|s$" | ... may help as it escapes embedded quotes. The pipes may still pose a problem, though. Not sure what to do about that.

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