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How to run a command / Documentation unclear



How do i run this command?
export OPENSSL_CONF=$SPLUNK_HOME/openssl/openssl.cnf

I am trying to follow these instructions.

However, Windows Command Prompt does not have a command called export. Nor does OpenSSL.
So how do i run this command "export"

Through which interface. It might seem like an idiotic question, but seriously. Nothing spesifies how or where to run these commands. The MKDir command is supported by command prompt, so i would have assumed Export should be run by the same thing.


Hi Dekocklukas,

That command is specific to sh-compatible shells, bash for example, which you normally use in different flavours of nix, e.g. Linux, Solaris, *BSD and so forth. You *can use it within such a shell in Windows, but most people would use the "normal" Windows command line.

Simply put, it's not a Windows command. The instructions you linked to are specific to *nix, not Windows. The documentation also includes instructions for Windows, here:

The same command in Windows would be:

set OPENSSL_CONF=%SPLUNK_HOME%\opensssl\openssl.cnf

...provided that SPLUNK_HOME is set to point to the Splunk installation folder. You can check this by running


Also note that all the commands with a filename extension .sh are for *nix. In Windows, you typically use the .bat extension.



I'm glad if it helped you! Thanks so much for the points. You know, if you like an anser, you can always vote it up with the arrow and/or accept it as the correct one. This will also reward the responder, but won't cost you any karma.

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woo hoo. Thx. This is much appreciated.

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