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How to remove fields from appearing in my timechart panel?

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i'm trying to remove field from the timechart panel

eg: index=os host=xyz | timechart avg(usedMB) as DiskUsed avg(freeMB) as DiskFree avg(sizeMB) as DiskTotal by host |evalDiskUsed = round(DiskUsed/DiskTotal*100) | fields - DiskFree, DiskTotal

when i execute the above search, i see visualization DiskFree, DiskTotal too towards right end of the panel.. i want to see only DiskUsed..

How do i remove DiskFree, DiskTotal values..

help with the search..

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Like this:

index=os host=xyz | timechart avg(eval(round(100*usedMB/sizeMB))) AS DiskUsed

Or maybe:

index=os host=xyz | timechart max(eval(round(100*usedMB/sizeMB))) AS DiskUsed
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