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How to refer to JSON array object in a Splunk search?

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I have a JSON data in following format. How can I access individual element of the array?

{ [-] 
    LICENSES: [ [-] 
      AFL and GPLv2+ 
      AFL or GPLv2 
      Apache 2.0 

If I write search: | table LICENSES{}, it prints all licenses, however, I want to access an individual element as in first license or 2nd license. If I do something like table LICESNES{0} or table LICENSES{}.{0} etc ..nothing works. Please help.

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As far as I know, Splunk extracts the Json data into fields and by default the field names get the name after its corresponding trace in the Json object.

So, in your case LICENSES is a multivalue field , so in order to access each value you could do it like this

 | eval firstValue=mvIndex(LICENSES,0)  | eval secondValue=mvIndex(LICENSES,1) ....

and then table the results

... | table firstValue secondValue
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