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How to pull end time instead of start time from my transaction search?

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The search below is retrieving start time (due to transaction), but I need to pull end time and I don't know the exact command. Please help me to pull end date instead of start time.

index=os  sourcetype="syslog d"  (job_name =WHK9225 )  | transaction job_name job_number
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Hi @Tondapi,

Given a search like:

index=os sourcetype="syslog d" (job_name =WHK9225 ) 
| transaction job_name job_number

You can get the end time by utilizing the duration field that gets creating via the transaction command. However, duration gives you back a number of seconds. So I personally would add the duration count to the _time field and use the eval command's function stftime() to format it to something all nice and human.

So you could add this to your search:

eval end_time = strftime(duration + _time, "%F %T")

where %F and %T are whatever time format variables you want to use.

Read more on eval functions here.

P.S. You can verify that the end_time is what it should be by adding something like:

... | table job_name job_number _time duration end_time


alt text

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