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How to pass eval value as macro parameter where my search query starts with macro itself

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We have created reusable macro which was used in many reports with 3 parameters and that macro is starting point of query. one parameter takes Month (i.e 02/01/2017 ...) from filter. Now i got requirement where i need to provide current month/previous month to macro as parameter . Since query begins with macro i unable to create eval expression .


|eval month = strftime(now(),"%m/01/%Y") | 'ADForecast("$Domain$,month)'

since ,we cannot start a query with eval i unable to pass current month. please suggest how to pass current month.

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Splunk Employee

You can either start the search with :
search | ...
or use

| makeresults | ...

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Try like this. Assuming you're going to put this query in a dashboard (based on $Domain$ token used), put below query in the panel

|gentimes start=-1 | eval month=strftime(now(),"%m/01/%Y") | map search=" 'ADForecast("$Domain$,$$month$$)'
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