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How to overlay line chart on a timerange column chart??


Hey everyone. I am a newbie to splunk and i am stuck at this problem. So i have a column chart which shows data for a time range between two dates ex. 6/9/2020-6/23/2020 like in the pic below.


So the query i used for this is 

Index=main sourcetype = timeline | eval dates= beginning_date."-".ending_date | stats count by dates, target | xyseries dates target count

 So now what i want is...if i append another search to this which contains data on 6/15/2020, It is treating 6/15/2020 as a seperate date. Like this


In the above image i want the line chart on date 2020-06-15 to go on to top of the column chart as that date lies in between 2020-06-09   -   2020-06-23(changed format of time).i want to overlay line chart on top of column chart. 

Here these are the fields i used

beginning date.              Ending date

6/9/2020.                         6/23/2020

And i want to create the query with these fields and not _time.

Any help is appreciated and if there is anything u didn't understand in my question plz let me know. Thanks a lot.

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