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How to modify / change x axis values in timechart graph?

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Hi all,

I have created a graph which shows time intervals in x axis and application up or down time % in y axis.I have used the 2 days data for this and uploaded the same as .CSV file into splunk.

Now i need to change the labels of x axis to customise to increase more visibility on time intervals.

I created the graph with 5min Span in time chart but it shows as 4 hours time interval between each X axis value.

How can i change this x axis time scale?

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The tick spacing and the accompanying labels do not necessarily reflect the "width" of a data point in the graph. If you've set the span to 5m then you will get five-minute-buckets. Switch to the table view and check the timestamps on each bucket for confirmation, or hover over the graph and move from point to point to see the time values for each.

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