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How to index combination with different event structure?

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Hi all,

I would like to create a table with details involved from two different index created. I'm facing difficulty in combining the data from both two indexes with common columns but different event structure. How to start a query to merge/combine fields from different indexes? As mentioned, both indexes consist of one similar field which is user=john. Here are the details:



fieldA1=user (john)




fieldB1=user (john)




Expected result:

user| EventCode| description| Workstation

john|      4740     |locked out| Lenovo..


could someone point me to the right direction on how to start a Splunk Cloud query to merge into one table?

Many thanks.

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thanks for your reply, unfortunately I'm actually looking for other query. I've tried this to start so far:

|set union[search index=indexA user=john|fields description user][search index=indexB user=john|fields user EventCode Workstation]

could someone help to expand the search idea or make few tweaks to merge into one table?

Many thanks.

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Assuming you're using indexA's user description to enrich events from indexB.


index IN ("indexA", "indexB") user=john
| eventstats max(description) AS description BY user
| search EventCode=*
| table _time user EventCode description Workstation


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Hi @aa0,

you have to use teh sats command, something like this:

index=indexA OR index=indexB
| stats values(EventCode) AS EventCode values(description) AS description  values(Workstation) AS Workstation BY user

if you have more values, you can choose to display al the values (as in the above sample) or only the first or only the last (using first or last instead values).



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