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How to hide a field from the legend in a bar chart?



My current search I'm using to populate the value is given below.

source= transaction.csv    
| stats  values(AppName) as AppName, avg(Response_Time) as AverageResponseTime, max(Response_Time) as MaxResponseTime,
 min(Response_Time) as MinResponseTime   by custonernumber 
| table  custonernumber AppName  AverageResponseTime MaxResponseTime MinResponseTime | head 10

when i'm trying to show the data in bar chart, I'm getting legend names such as AppName AverageResponseTime MaxResponseTime MinResponseTime.
I want to hide or remove AppName from the legend in my bar chart, but I need to do it without removing AppName field from the search above.
I'm using that Appname field for a filter condition in my dashboard, so I cannot remove the Appname field from the above search.

Thanks in advance.


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Super Champion

hey @shankarananth

add this to dashboard XML

<option name="charting.legend.placement">none</option>

Let me know if it works!

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New Member

can You please tell me how you achieved the answer? ,Can You please tell me how you acheived ?

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Path Finder

Have you tried using fields?
Try appending:

| fields - AppName

You could probably also replace table with fields, something like:

| fields custonernumber AverageResponseTime MaxResponseTime MinResponseTime
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Revered Legend

Are you using this search as base search? How are you adding filter and is it on other panels?

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In other panels i can able to add it. because i am using the Appname field t be displayed in that chart else i'm displaying the data as statistics.

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Thank you very much .

I achieved that approach in another way ..

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New Member

May I know how you acheived Mr.Shankaranath?

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