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How to get locale and numbers shown right in the Splunk UI


Hi @gljiva   (and others),

I'm situated in Scandinavia, where we no one uses the US way of showing numbers ie: "1,234,567.89", here we use "1.234.567,89" and "1 234 567,89".

In other words the locale here are ie. da_DK, sv_SE, fi_FI etc.

However we have a lot in common with UK "en_GB", but numbers still don't come right, which is no good for our consumers, looking at numbers less than 1000, as they would not know instinctly how to interpret the number, like what is: "1.234" and "1,234"?
One can't know for sure without  knowing which locale is used.

So I need to know how and where to change this in Splunk - and let me tell right away, that I've already read a lot on this subject, and seen many notes on Splunk (and other places) that this is doable, but till now no real examples of how and where in the code to change this so it works.

It's NOT enough to copy a couple of files to a new sub folder called ie: "da_DK" or "sv_SE", this will not change the numbers.

So who knows how to do this, and can document exactly how this is done?

And while we're at it, it would be really nice to get the core knowledge of how especially the handling of i18n in relation to:

  • numbers
  • dates
  • currency

And to set individual formats for each of these for each of our 6 used locales

Many thanks in advance

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I know it is, why I also raised the idea you pointed at😉
And I'm pretty sure there are workaround to it as well, but the ones who knows how are really hard to find, but I hope they will popup here

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This is a known problem in Splunk.  See https://ideas.splunk.com/ideas/EID-I-544

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.
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I know why I added the idea😉

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