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How to get an average per day


I am trying to get an average for the last (x) days for a that specific day and hour. 

This search lists a count for the current day. I am trying to achieve an average for a specific field for the last 5 Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesday..etc.  So if today was Monday, the first value, AL-A at 00, would be the average of the past (x) Mondays at 00 for AL-A.

| eval time_hour=strftime(_time,"%H")
| chart count over channel by time_hour limit=30




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See if this helps.  

index=_internal earliest=-5w@d
| eval today=lower(strftime(now(),"%a"))
| eval dow=lower(strftime(_time, "%a"))
| where today=dow
| timechart span=1w avg(specifiField) by channel
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What goes in specific field? I need it to be count by haven't use a count command.

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