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How to format my data set to sort as a list of individual events by date field?

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Hi all,

Working in splunk 6.2.1 enterprise.

I have the following dataset (simplified)

SomeDateField Event1 Event2 Event3
2014-12-29 1 0 0
2014-12-28 0 1 1
2014-12-27 1 1 0

that I would like to convert to this format:

DateField Event
2014-12-29 Event1
2014-12-28 Event2
2014-12-28 Event3
2014-12-27 Event1
2014-12-27 Event2

This would make it possible to get the mean time between events of a type, and last occurrences of the events, ...

So in short:
I would want to create a list of dates for the individual events that happened at that date.
For one date multiple events can occur, so there would be duplicate dates.

Remark: Date field is not _time, it's a specific date from the imported files.
An import file of today can have events of another date.

Tips and hints on how to get this transformation working are welcome.


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