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How to format as percent with 2 decimal places and no rounding?


How do you convert .34999832 to 34.99% or .399345 to 39.99%

I need to see the .99 and not have it round up


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You have many options:
1: round() <-you dislike this
2: replace()
3: ciel()
4: floor()
5: substr()
6: rex

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We use the below to show free disk space on a drive.
eval MBs=round(b/1024/1024,2)
the 2 at the end will tell it how many decimals to carry it out.

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Hi @mbtsoltis,

you can use eval and round, please try something like this:

| eval your_field=round(your_field*100,2)

if Splunk doesn't recognize a number, you can use the tonumber function:

| eval your_field=to_number(round(your_field*100,2))



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