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How to find the most searched index in splunk?



How to find the most searched index in splunk?

This would help us to increase the hot/warm buckets for them.

Simon Mandy

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Hello Simon Mandy,

maybe you want to try this:

index=_audit action=search info=granted search=* NOT "search_id='scheduler" NOT "search='|history" NOT "user=splunk-system-user" NOT "search='typeahead" NOT "search='| metadata type=* | search totalCount>0" | rex field=search "index=(?P<search_index>[^ ]+)" | stats count by search_index | sort - count

I hope this helps.


Path Finder

doesn't work if user searches eventtype=blah

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This works fine if only one index is search, but if you have some like this:
index=cisco_firewall OR index="cp_firewall user="Garth"
Your result will only show cisco_firewall

A search like this:
index=*_firewall user="Garth"
will show up as **_firewall*

Other than that its a nice way to see what is used in search.

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Yes you are right.
The first problem should be solveable with the "max_match=[number]" parameter.
The second Problem isn't really a problem. If there are many searches to *_firewall you know you have to improve all of the matching indexes.

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