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How to filter out filter out unmitigated hosts with virus/malware with my sample events?

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For example:

           action    actual_action   process    user   hostname  Time
Event 1:   allowed   Left alone      c:\a\b\d   mike   host_1    00:00:10
Event 2:   blocked   Deleted         c:\a\b\d   mike   host_1    00:00:12

In this case, first antivirus detects the infects and then it gets cleaned/deleted/quarantined accordingly. Both the events should have the same process, username, and hostname.

I want to generate a report for those users/hosts which has event 1, but not the event 2.
Basically, to filter out those hosts/users for which anti-virus has not taken any action.

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This generates some test data

| makeresults | eval host="host_1", user="mike joe ken", action="allowed blocked", process="a b c" 
| makemv user| makemv action | makemv process 
| mvexpand user | mvexpand action | mvexpand process 
| streamstats count as recno | eval _time = _time + 100*recno 
| eval host=if(process="c","host_2",host) 

this kills a couple of the "blocked" records so that some are left open

| where recno!=17 AND recno!=10 | sort user _time 

And here's the part you wanted.

This uses the transaction command to match the "allowed" and "blocked" records when the other three fields match within a 5 minute period, and select only the transaction records where there is no "blocked" event. You can change the maxspan to whatever length of time is appropriate.

| transaction host user process maxspan=5m 
| where duration=0

I used a test of the duration, but you could also use eventcount=1 or any number of other things about the transaction.

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Does this give you what you're looking for?

... | stats count(eval(action)="allowed") as evt1 count(eval(action)="blocked") as evt2 by host user | where evt2=0 | fields - evt2
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