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How to extract two values from a string using regex?


I'm requesting help constructing a regular expression for the following:

I need to extract two values from the string below:


field a='app' (string after first [ before first slash)
field b = '5' (value after last slash before closing]) 

Another example is:


fielda = app
fieldb= 3

In addition, I need the extraction to fail if a string of characters is found.
For example, the character string to exclude is 'function':


The extraction should fail since 'function' is contained in the string.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @pc1234,
use these two regexes:

| rex "^field\s*a\s*\=\s*(\'|\s)(?<fielda>\w+)"
| rex "^field\s*b\s*\=\s*(\'|\s)(?<fielda>\d+)"

You can test the first at https://regex101.com/r/circlS/1 and the second at https://regex101.com/r/circlS/2


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that only extracts the first value. it also doesn't address failing if a string of characters is found(see above)

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I updated answer please try again

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try @pc1234,

...|rex "\[(?<field1>\w{3})\/.*\/(?<field2>\d)\]"
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